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Swimming Pools Palm Harbor, FL Old homes also tend to have older swimming pools. When remodeling the landscape or adding new elements to a site; upgrading existing swimming pools becomes a significant part of the project. The most straight forward approach could be to install new pool decks, waterline tiles, and coping. These features help to transform the appearance of dated pools.

Extensive pool remodels can necessitate replacement of most of the pool shell or a large part of the feature, but this becomes a more expensive project. Sometimes, the pool is in good condition and doesn't need significant upheaval. Installing new elements and features like the ones mentioned above is one of the best ways to improve the appearance, functionality, and value of your pool.

Swimming Pool Remodels

Just as you hire skilled and experienced pool builders for a new installation, renovation projects also require attention to detail. This makes it necessary to have experienced, and proven operators for all types of swimming pool remodels and additions. If your existing pool has chipped surfaces, loose waterline tiles, cracks in decking for peeling plaster, we are the company to call.

At Shoney’s Pools, we handle a wide range of swimming pool remodeling and renovation jobs. You can rest assured that any features that we design and install for you will be of the highest quality. We have expertise in providing custom pool remodeling plans and layouts to our clients in an around Palm Harbor, FL.

Pool Remodeling Ideas

Sometimes, older pools have very standard features and shapes. During a remodeling project, you have the option to change the shape and styling of your pool entirely. However, this project can prove to be quite expensive and time-consuming as well. In comparison, getting certain features installed or added to your existing pool can enhance the appearance and functionality without a high price tag.

Our skilled designers can replace old and dated features with contemporary ones. We can re-plaster existing pools, replace the coping, and change waterline tiles. Many of our clients have specific ideas about what features they want to add to the existing pool, and we are more than happy to design and plan those.

However, some clients aren't very sure about exactly which elements would improve the usability of their pool and add to its appeal. In situations such as these, we go the extra mile to offer unique swimming pool design ideas and plans to our clients.

Range of Swimming Pool Remodeling Services

We use our creativity and experience in this space to make sure that every feature we design and install in our clients' swimming pools blends in perfectly with the existing structure. We can add elements such as pool benches and tables, shelves, steps, etc.

Regardless of what your requirement is, you can rest assured that we will provide you with top-notch services and complete the project to industry standards. We use the best quality materials so that all of these features will last for many years while improving the appeal of your swimming pool.

If you are looking for a swimming pool company that would be able to offer reliable solutions, we are the one to call. We customize solutions to your needs and offer these services at a very affordable pool feature additions cost. For any more information, feel free to contact Shoney’s Pools at 727-314-7665 or through this Online Form.

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